Leading OUT of a Pandemic

Productivity and focus are down.

Burnout is up.

Employee engagement is wavering and people are struggling.

Because they've been treading water for an entire year - and so have you.

But now there’s a break in the clouds and your team needs a leader to take them forward and out of this pandemic.

Which means you'll need to regulate your own nervous system, re-calibrate, and set a plan for how to most effectively lead during this once-in-a-century crisis.

In fact, your future success will depend on your ability to lead effectively out of this time and into the next.

And your team is relying on you to be absolutely regulated when it counts...which is now!

Which is why I've teamed up with Tara Miller who is a trauma therapist and author of the brand-new book Defiant: Developing next level grit for lifelong resilience.

Together we're going to bring you an exclusive training to help you manage the terrain over the next 6 months so you and your people can find a place of happiness, health and high performance.

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  • How the pandemic has changed the workforce… and how it has changed you.
  • How to identify and respond to the root cause of lagging focus and productivity.
  • How to speak the language of your primal brain to be more effective in your communication, productivity, and focus.
  • How and why to rewire your nervous system so you can have more control and be less reactive.
  • Identify your unique triggers that cause your nervous system to become activated and then learn how to respond and minimize those triggers. 
  • How to restore your creativity and strategic thinking as a leader by regulating your nervous system.
  • One powerful technique you can use to change your state in the moment so that you restore optimum performance immediately.
  • How you can take control of your own state and get your own levels of energy and passion fueled back up to be the leader your team needs 
  • How to provide the best type of employee support to mitigate the effects of burnout
  • And much more.

How Does it Work?

Leading OUT of a Pandemic is a 90-minute training that you can access immediately. This was a live training that you can purchase the recording here.


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Leading OUT of a Pandemic

Meet Your Instructors

James Robbins

Leadership Expert, Coach, Speaker/Author

James Robbins is an executive coach, and leadership expert who helps organizations reach peak levels of performance.

In 2012 James wrote Nine Minutes on Monday; The Quick and Easy Way to Go From Manager to Leader. The book went on to be named the 2012 Business Book of the Year by Canada’s Globe and Mail.

In 2018 James was named one of the top 100 Leadership Speakers by INC Magazine.

James helps leaders of all levels increase their effectivness to motivate their staff and build high-performing teams.

Tara Miller

Psychotherapist, Author, Speaker. 

Tara has her Master's degree in Counselling and is trained in Advanced SRT (Self Regulation Therapy). 

She has 10 years experience in clinical practice with thousands of hours of work with clients from around the world. Her articles and research have been published throughout the country and she is regularly invited to speak to professionals, entrepreneurs, athletes, and women's groups on her science-based, whole-brained, nervous system regulating approach to wellness and resiliency.

She works with successful CEOs and entrepreneurs teaching them self regulation strategies that reduce stress related symptoms resulting in increased productivity and wellness.

Who Is This For?

  • Senior Executives
  • Business Owners
  • HR Managers
  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Up-and-coming leaders