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The Nine Minutes on Monday Leadership Development Program

January 25th, 2024

"This has to be the best overall leadership development concepts ever created."

- Carlton Silvey

Regional Manager, Abiomed

Nine Minutes on Monday Pulls Your Managers Out of the Weeds and Helps them Become Results-Oriented Leaders.

Next Cohort Starting January 25th, 2024.

Everything has changed

The success of your organization hinges on the ability of your managers to engage and motivate their staff.

But when your front-line managers get sucked into the weeds they end up task-focused and simply going through the motions. This erodes the motivation and engagement of your teams.

Nine Minutes on Monday gives your managers a roadmap to inspire their staff by tapping into the Engagement Drivers.

What is Nine Minutes on Monday?

Nine Minutes on Monday is a simple framework that helps managers tap into nine powerful drivers of engagement. These drivers are actually key needs that when met, lead to engaged employees.

In order to create a high-performance work environment you must tap into these nine needs. When you do its like flipping on a switch of motivation inside each of your staff.

In this program, your managers will learn how to practically tap into these needs with simple and practical techniques that don’t take a lot of time.

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Some of the best leadership development I have received in 20+ years.

- Tim Banc

Director, Regional Sales

How Does The 12-Week Live Program Work?

The live program is twelve weeks long and takes your managers through the entire Nine Minutes on Monday process. It’s designed especially for busy managers who want to improve their leadership effectiveness.
Each week looks like this:




Weekly Training

Each week your managers watch one 15-20 minute training module which is accessible anytime.

Power Exercises

They complete the Power Exercise to practice what they’ve learned.

Live Coaching Call

Attend the bi-weekly (every other week) Group Coaching Call.

These 45-minute coaching calls are Thursdays at 2:00 PM Eastern.

"Nine Minutes on Monday changed me as a leader."

- Frontline Manager City of New Brunswick

An Overview of The 12-Week Journey

Nine Minutes on Monday is divided into a 12-week journey, each week covering the essential elements that you need to know in order to increase staff engagement. It takes approximately 15-25 minutes each week to go through the training. Here is a brief summary of the program:

Live Keynote Kickoff - August 17th.

The Three Truths of Inspirational Leadership
The program kicks off with an inspiring virtual keynote from James Robbins.

James was named one of the top leadership speakers in 2018 by Inc Magazine and has given over 2,500 presentations from the stage.

This keynote will set the foundation for the entire course as you learn three powerful truths that all leaders must embrace in order to be successful. This session will also unpack the 9-Minutes Framework.

*This will be recorded in case for some reason one or more of your managers can't attend live.

Week Two

The Need to be More than a Number
In this lesson you learn the powerful connection between caring, trust and engagement. You will also learn a simple technique that will only take a few minutes a week which can dramatically change the way your staff feel about your leadership and your organization.

Coaching Call #1

Week Three

The Need to Grow
Employees engage more in their workplace when they feel they have a chance to grow and develop. In this lesson you will learn the a simple question that will clarify all future training for each employee. As well, you will learn a simple method for coaching your employees on the fly.

Week Four

The Need to be Recognized
Employees invest a piece of themselves in the work they produce. Recognizing good work is not only crucial to motivation but it is an effective tool to shape behavior. Learn how to use the Recognition Codes in order to create quick but effective recognition statements that will fire up your staff.

Coaching Call #2

Week Five

The Need for Mastery and Achievement
Employees have a deep need to achieve and make progress. In this lesson you will learn the three crucial elements that must be in place in order to make someone’s job more motivating. You will also learn how to give quick and effective feedback on their progress in order to meet their need for mastery.

Week Six

The Need for Purpose and Significance
When employees connect their work with something larger, it turbo charges their motivation. In this lesson you will learn how to link purpose to paycheck by exploring three critical questions. You will also learn the one key element that is best used to communicate purpose to pay and why you must tap into it.

Coaching Call #3

Week Seven

The Need for Autonomy
Nobody likes a micromanaging boss. In this module you will learn four simple ways to create more autonomy for your employees resulting in greater productivity, creativity and problem solving.

Week Eight

The Need to Connect
People want to work in a motivating environment but dysfunctional teams can destroy morale. In this module you will learn how to protect your team from the six common solvents that erode the glue of great teams. You will also learn the key things that must be in place in order for your team to work well together.

Coaching Call #4

Week Nine

The Need for Fun
If a funeral home and a fish market can have fun, then the rest of us can as well. Far more than just a good idea, fun at work actually leads to greater communication, productivity, and morale. This module will outline the simple steps you can take to add some fun to your team.

Week Ten

The Need for a Model to Follow
More than anything else your team needs you to lead the way. But what you model is also contingent on your current circumstances. This module teaches you what your people most need from you as well as how to tap into your own peak potential.

Coaching Call #5

Week Eleven

Implementation Week
This week we review everything we have learned and continue to practice our tools.

Graduation Week - Week 12

In our final group call we celebrate the wins, crystalize commitments, and carve out a powerful tool to help continue the journey of leadership excellence for years to come.

Participants receive their certificate of completion as well as some bonus gifts to help them continue their journey.

"We've seen our Engagement Scores skyrocket."

- Col Tom Magness

Chief Operations Officer - Abiomed


Dedicated Slack Channel for Your Leaders

While your managers are in the program they will also have direct access to James to ask questions and get any extra help they might need.

This dedicated community provides extra inspiration and a sense of camaraderie with the other participants.

Some Recent Participants

"Nine Minutes on Monday was the first leadership program we found that provided a simple-to-use formula for increasing engagement and productivity."

- Melody Moore

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What Your Managers Will Get:

  • Access to The 12-week Nine Minutes on Monday Leadership Program
  • The Nine Minutes on Monday Book
  • The Nine Minutes on Monday Workbook
  • Live Implementation Coaching Calls throughout the program
  • Dedicated Slack Channel for instant access to James
  • Three Bonus Programs (The Art of Difficult Conversations, Coaching for Performance, and Leading Remotely)
  • Certificate of completion upon graduation

Launching on January 25th, 2024.

The live launch gives the program a hard start date as well as a completion deadline.

This helps your managers keep pace and the group dynamic further motivates them to dive into the training and master the principles.

This program is designed to be spread out over time so that your managers can hardwire new behaviors into their regular routine.

The optional group coaching calls give your managers exclusive access to ask James questions and further their leadership development.

A Manufacturing Company Turns Around Its Sales Goals.

ERSB, a manufacturing company was struggling on many fronts, including their sales goals. After their managers went through the Nine Minutes on Monday program, they had a drastic turnaround including a 30% increase in sales. They went from hitting 68% of their sales goals to 98%.

Stubborn Engagement Scores Skyrocket at Abiomed with Nine Minutes on Monday.

Abiomed is one of today's fastest growing companies that already had a strong culture of peak performance but they still couldn't get some of their engagement scores to move.

Hear what Col. Tom Magness, the Chief of Operations at Abiomed had to say about the measurable impact of Nine Minutes on Monday.

A 30,000 foot Overview

Video Summary

To learn more about how Nine Minutes on Monday works, watch the short video.

"I've participated in programs but none like this one. Nine Minutes is instantly applicable to your life."

- Sheila G. Director of Training

Registration Information

Individual Registration


Multiple Managers


Seats are limited for this 12-week program.

*Group Rates?

For groups of 5 and over their is a discounted rate of $797/manager. To get the group rate please contact us at info (at)

Interested in Your Own Private Group?

No Problem. Contact James at to discover your options for having a private program exclusively for your organization.

Thousands of Managers Have Already Taken the Nine Minutes on Monday Program.

Who Is This For?

  • Mid-level Managers
  • Front-line Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Up-and-coming leaders

Who is James Robbins?

James Robbins is an executive coach, and leadership expert and has given over 2,500 speeches in the last 25 years.

As a leadership trainer James helps equip managers to show up daily and get the most out of those they lead.

He is the author of the best-selling book Nine Minutes on Monday and was recently named one of the top 100 Leadership Speakers by INC. Magazine. 

“Your keynote scored a 4.99 out of 5.0 at our conference. No wonder you brought everyone to their feet.”

– Pat Goodberry-Dyck

Custom Learning Solutions

Registration Information

Individual Registration


Multiple Managers


Seats are limited for this 12-week program.

*Group Rates?

For groups of 5 and over their is a discounted rate of $797/manager. To get the group rate please contact us at info (at)

Interested in Your Own Private Group?

No Problem. Contact James at to discover your options for having a private program exclusively for your organization.

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