Becoming a Stronger, More Powerful You.

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Mastering Success one Belief at a Time

If you're ready to take your life and business to the next level than it starts with harnessing the power you already have within.

Whether you're feeling stuck, trying to figure out your purpose, or maybe you're having a hard time achieving the results you desire, please understand this:

You already possess the potential to live the life of your dreams but your internal paradigms work against you and sabotage your progress.

And this leaves you feeling frustrated, unfulfilled and worn out.

But when you get massive clarity on your purpose, and then reprogram the paradigms that have been holding you back, you'll experience a powerful breakthrough with results that will shock even you.

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The Breakthrough Results Masterclass

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There is nothing more exciting than discovering the depth of your potential and then crafting a plan to bring it fully into the world.

The Breakthrough Results Masterclass

James Robbins is an expert on leadership and personal growth and specializes in helping leaders, entrepreneurs, and business owners reach new levels of performance.

He is the author of the best-selling book Nine Minutes on Monday and was recently named one of the top Leadership Speakers by INC. Magazine. 

James helps motivated people of all shapes and sizes experience breakthrough growth. He does this by reconnecting them with a vision that re-ignites their heart, and then by helping them remove the obstacles and limiting paradigms that are getting in their way.

The result?

An inspired and elevated version of yourself that's living fully in your power and having the impact you desire.