We're Here To Help You Make MORE Sales with WAY LESS Effort.

Success is found in being able to clearly communicate the value of what you do.

James and Braden Robbins are a father-son marketing team that help coaches, speakers, and experts simplify their business and make more sales with cutting edge presentations.

James is a best-selling author and was named one of the top speakers in America by INC. Magazine in 2018. He has delivered over 2,500 speeches to date.

Braden is a former athlete-turned digital marketer and copywriter who has a talent for helping experts get clarity on both their offers and messaging.

We got tired of the content marketing treadmill.

We used to spend hours a day on social media. We were posting in groups, commenting on people's content, and creating our own.

While we were good at it and we got clients, we started to hate our business.

Every day became a grind as we fired up Facebook and wrote more content that we weren't even sure the algorithm was going to show to people.

And forget taking a day off. Because if we were not producing content we had this feeling we were falling behind.

Then one day we said enough of this madness.


We knew there was a better and simpler way to make sales.

I (James) have been in the communication business for over 30 years and given over 2,500 speeches. I also know that when you have the right presentation, you're able to move the masses.

So we got rid of all of our marketing processes and replaced them with one simple presentation that communicates exactly what we do with absolute clarity.

Because when your message is clear and you build a sales presentation that accurately conveys your message, the sky's the limit on what you can achieve in your business.

So we no longer spend hours on Facebook or posting content all over the web.

Instead we send people to a simple presentation that moves the right person to raise their hand and want to work with us.

And this is what we do for experts, coaches and course creators, we help you get off of the marketing hamster wheel, simplify your business with a single presentation that brings in sales month after month.

We Didn't Want Our Business To Feel Like a Job.

We didn't get into this business to have another job.

We're all about experiencing life, travel, making a difference, and sticking close to those love.

So we wanted our business to support our values not make it harder to live them.

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