Nothing Determines Your Success More than Your Ability to Influence Your Employees

But with these simple strategies, even the CEO will be singing your praises.

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The signs of an unmotivated staff

You have a motivation problem if you have any employees who:

  • - Refuse to take ownership
  • - Put in only the bare minimum to get by
  • - Bring a cynical attitude to work that spreads among the team
  • - Require you to turn up the pressure in order to get them to move

If you have any employees who demonstrate one or more of these, then you have a motivation problem.

It’s a bit like having a six-cylinder car that’s only running on three cylinders. It’s moving along, but it’s capable of so much more.

Not only are you losing out on performance,  but a lack of motivation among some team members subtly erodes the morale of those who really do want to work.

In short, a motivation problem actually becomes everyone’s problem.

But how do you turn around a lack of motivation? Which approach do you take and is it even possible given how busy you are?

The good news is wherever you are as a leader, you can learn the skills and gain the tools to increase your influence and impact. I help you do that with something called the Leadership Tools.

Learn the Science

Arm yourself with the truth & best practices for leading and inspiring your people.

Apply the Tools

Put into practice the Leadership Tools which are quick and easy to use.

Watch Your People Soar

Watch your team respond with more passion and effort, while being happy to have you as their boss.

The  Result?

Employees that happily respond to your leadership and a team that's firing on all cylinders.

FREE Customized and Inspirational Training Delivered Right to your Inbox.

If you want your employees to:

  • - Work harder
  • - Take more ownership
  • - Work as team players
  • - Operate as if they owned the company
  • Then get access to the Leadership Tools which are weekly practical training delivered to your inbox every Monday Morning that will help you lead your staff to new levels of productivity.

No body wants a bad boss. The Leadership Tools help you become a great one.

Your Success Hinges on This One Thing...

When your team is not motivated, and when they’re not bringing their best to work on a consistent basis, you can’t be successful.

Because as a leader you are paid to produce a result, but it’s really your people who end up doing the bulk of the work.  This is why you need to be excellent at motivating  them.

Because at the end of the day, you’re held accountable for the results they produce.

No one said leadership was fair.

And unless you do something to increase the motivation of your team, nothing is going to change and you won’t be able to produce the result that you’re paid for.  Same drama, same excuses, same results.

"Everything rises and falls on leadership."

- John Maxwell

Imagine a Team that's Right Behind You Every Step of the Way.

Today's Busy Managers Need a Different Approach

No matter where in the world I travel, managers are facing the same challenge; trying to motivate their staff while juggling their own mile-long to-do list. This is why so many managers feel tired and overwhelmed, wondering how long they can keep it up. Some even begin to question whether or not they have what it takes to be a leader.

So if you’re finding it hard to lead a passionate and energized staff, it’s not your fault. Today’s work world is the busiest it’s ever been which is why you have to take a different approach.

It’s all about micro investments

When people get overwhelmed they resort to task work. Checking items off a to-do list may help you feel better in the moment but when you get too focused on tasks you neglect the very thing that will lead to your success, and that’s bringing out the best in your people.

So how do you get everything done AND be a great leader to your people?

Micro Investments.

The key to motivating your staff in today’s work world is to leverage the little time you have and focus it on the few things that yield the biggest results. Decades of research have shown us what drives motivation, we simply have to invest the small amount of time we do have on those motivation drivers.

While leadership isn’t easy, it doesn’t have to be complicated.

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Micro Investments over time = Wow!

Hi, I’m James Robbins and I know what it feels like to be overwhelmed with your own work, and yet still have to worry about leading your staff. I also know what its like to struggle with my own confidence as a leader when I wasn’t sure how to motivate others. Leading without the right tools or support is not only frustrating, but it can also be discouraging.

That’s why I developed a company to help equip leaders like you with the right tools to motivate your staff.

Each week I send out free, practical training to help you get your employees to work harder, invest more of their heart and ultimately be amazing team players. 

I take a load off your shoulders by simplifying what really needs to be done to motivate your staff, and it never takes more than a couple of minutes…remember micro investments?

All you have to do is sign up below.

When you pair these tools with the correct mindset I’m going to teach you, you’re going to experience happier, more productive employees who bring more of their best to work each day.

You’ll never have to worry again about letting down your team, your boss, or your company.

Instead, you’ll be seen as a trusted go-to leader within your organization.ship isn’t easy, it doesn’t have to be complicated.

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About James

James is a rare mix of management consultant, behavior-change specialist, adventurer and inspirational speaker.

He helps organizations world wide reach higher levels of performance by transforming managers into inspirational leaders.

James was named one of the top leadership speakers by INC. Magazine and regularly shares the stage with other experts in business.

He is also the author of Nine Minutes on Monday; The Quick and Easy Way to Go From Manager to Leader which was named the 2012 Business Book of the Year by Canada’s Globe and Mail.

"Everything rises and falls on leadership."

- John Maxwell